Greystones Cottage
Greystones Cottage

History of Greystones

Several of our guests have been interested to learn the history of the barn prior to its conversion in 2011/12. A survey conducted by Minerva Heritage (2011) concluded the following; "It is thought to have been built in the late 1700s as a hand-threshing barn, the barn is built on two levels, aligned across the slope of the hill. The lower floor level is found only at the south-eastern gable end. This building seems to be a combination of the 'variant bank barn' type, part of the 20-25% of the assemblage of Cumbrian bank barns which is arranged in this way " (Minerva Heritage, 2011).


More recently the barn was an integral part of a working dairy farm; the entrance to the milking parlour and collecting yard,  housed pens for calving cows and young calves, and accommodated the farm workshop. 


We can of course share further information during your stay if interested, however thought the following images would illustrate the transformation!! 

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